Rockwell RK5102K

SoniCrafter RK5102K Deluxe 72-Piece Kit

If you need a tool for  remodeling, repairs, crafting, carpentry installation, and more. The Sonicrafter makes scraping, sawing, rasping, sanding, cutting and many other jobs easy through the unique Microsonic Oscillation that creates high-frequency.

Rockwell Sonicrafter has surely brought about a revolution in the way that it cuts, sands, grinds, and polishes without the need to change tools.  It is a tool that has got so many people talking about it with full of praise. Some say it is the greatest invention since the introduction of the Swiss knife.

A look at some of its attributes will shed light as to why this is not mere rhetoric.

This Table Saw designed by Rockwell, this tool has lived to the reputation associated with Rockwell when it comes to the production of quality products which never disappoint where many manufactures have fallen short of the expectation.

If you are in the market looking for an oscillating tool look no farther, the Rockwell will definitely meet your objectives. This tool has the attributes that a professional is looking for. It is especially important in reaching small areas, difficult areas to cut.

What makes it to be so effective?

Rockwell Sonicrafter cuts, sands, grinds, and polishes without ever changing the tool. This is made possible by the proprietary high microscopic technology and has an oscillation of over 20,000 per minute. The oscillating kit comes with 72 pieces that works in synergy and delivers at the highest possible standard. Its rock solid construction is very durable and is designed to withstand rigors while ensuring the safety of the worker.

It feels solid in the hands and is very comfortable to use with either hand, its well constructed body assures that it is not a cheap material by any standards. The power cord is long enough for you to easily maneuver in the garage or the workstation or even at home. It also comes with a dust extraction kit (purchased separately). This is attached to the bottom of the Sonicraft by using a clip.

The Variable speed tool is composed of two cutting blades; a carbide grit blade and a finger sanding pad. It also has 30 finger sanding sheets, a triangular sanding pad and  polishing pads that makes it possible for professional results to be realized.

How it operates

The Rockwell Sonicrafter operates by utilizing a Microsonic Oscillation that crates a high-frequency action the result is that sawing, sanding, cutting and scraping are achieved.

Product features

  • Length 7.3 inches
  • Width 4.7 inches
  • Height 15 inches
  • High frequency Oscillating action
  • Quality sanding capacity
  • Easy handling
  • Light weight frame
  • Soft grip
  • Weight 6.4 pounds

When making purchase ensure that your kit has the following items

  • A variable speed sonicrafter tool
  • Two cutting blades
  • A scraping blade
  • A carrying bag
  • Thirty finger sanding sheets
  • Two polishing pads
  • A triangular carbide rasp
  • A single hex key
  • A dust extraction adapter.


Despite the many positive attributes associated with the Rockwell Sonicrafter it has some cons that should be pointed out. One such example is that the tool has a tendency of getting hot after use and it can be uncomfortable at times.  It has also been reported that the on/off switch becomes intermittent after prolonged usage.


These defects are almost negligible Vis-a Vis the benefit associated with the Rockwell Sonicrafter and is definitely a worthy investment.